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Teaching safety for firearm handling, shooting and hunting

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NRA Shooting and Personal Protection * Texas LTC and School Safety * Texas Hunter Safety

Shooting Classes    (Get 1 shooting class participant FREE, see how below)

Safety is the primary goal. Conscientious attention to these rules will prevent most, if not all, gun related accidents. Be aware that ignorance and carelessness lead to accidents in all areas of life, including the handling of firearms.

For your safety and that of others
  1. Absolutely NO LIVE ammunition is allowed in the classroom
  2. Pregnant women are NOT allowed to shoot for the protection of baby's hearing
  3. ONLY factory produced ammunition allowed on the ranges for shooting exercises
  4. Participants attempting to use reloaded ammunition forfeit class fees and will not shoot
  5. A minimum of 2 participants establishes shooting courses
  6. A maximum of 8 shooters will be scheduled on a range at one time

Scheduling & Other

All shooting classes are conducted to provide maximum learning in a comfortable environment and we can accommodate a variety of schedules. To that end, classes can be scheduled for as few as 2 participants and in the comfort of your home, meeting room, clubhouse, office or in our convenient Austin area classroom.

We can accommodate couples, families, clubs, bachelor/bachelorette parties, small business as well as corporate groups. Discounts available for groups of security company personnel. Host a shooting class for 6 or more participants and get 1 participant FREE!  This offer not valid for Groupon purchases.

Any class requiring fewer than 10 hours can be taught in one day, or divided into sessions to held over multiple days to fit difficult schedules.

Don't have a gun for use in your License To Carry class? Gun rental is available for $50 and includes 50 rounds of manufactured ammunition. Additional rounds are also available at our cost.

This company proudly respects and supports all levels of Law Enforcement and all branches of the US Military!

Back the Blue!!

Thank you for putting yourselves in harm's way for the welfare and protection of our citizens.

Thank you for your service!!

Thank you for your service to ensure our