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Teaching safety for firearm handling, shooting and hunting

Scheduled Classes

Date Class Name Location *Type Registration Action
12/2/2017 Hunter Safety 12/2/17 South Austin Public Open Now Register Now
1/6/2018 TX LTC 1/6/18 Austin Public After 12/5/2017 Request Info
2/3/2018 TX LTC 2/3/18 Austin Public After 1/2/2018 Request Info
2/17/2018 Hunter Safety 2/17/18 Pflugerville Public Open Now Register Now
3/3/2018 TX LTC 3/3/18 Austin Public After 1/30/2018 Request Info
3/24/2018 Hunter Safety 3/24/18 South Austin Public Open Now Register Now
4/7/2018 TX LTC 4/7/18 Austin Public After 3/6/2018 Request Info
4/21/2018 Hunter Safety 4/21/18 Pflugerville Public Open Now Register Now
5/5/2018 TX LTC 5/5/18 Austin Public After 4/3/2018 Request Info
5/19/2018 Hunter Safety 5/19/18 South Austin Public Open Now Register Now
6/2/2018 TX LTC 6/2/18 Austin Public After 5/1/2018 Request Info
7/7/2018 TX LTC 7/7/18 Austin Public After 6/5/2018 Request Info
8/4/2018 TX LTC 8/4/18 Austin Public After 7/3/2018 Request Info
9/1/2018 TX LTC 9/1/18 Austin Public After 7/31/2018 Request Info
10/6/2018 TX LTC 10/6/18 Austin Public After 9/4/2018 Request Info
11/3/2018 TX LTC 11/3/18 Austin Public After 10/2/2018 Request Info
12/1/2018 TX LTC 12/1/18 Austin Public After 10/30/2018 Request Info

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* Private class registration requires a password provided by your organizer

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